The Beginning

I am hoping that this will be a chronicle of improvement.

I have been overweight since i was about 30.  I had been in a car accident and due to back pain was taking Anaprox daily (now sold OTC as Aleve), without being aware of how awful that was for my system.  Whether it was that or hitting 30, i gained a lot of weight in the next two years and have battled it ever since.  Before that i weighed about 130 (pounds) to 135 and thought i was fat.  After that i weighed between 170 and 180.  My highest weight was 201, my lowest (since the gain) was 150 for a while, but i wasn’t able to maintain it.

Of course, my idea of dieting in those days was horrific.  In fact, in order to get down to 150 i used drugs.  I took Prozac and Phentermine (since recalled) for a week.  In that week i dropped 7 pounds, then i went off the drugs for 3 weeks, maintained that weight loss and did the whole thing over again.  However, i wasn’t able to maintain that drop.

Much has happened since that time.  My health is shaky.  I LOOK healthy, and generally don’t feel too badly, but i have very little energy and what i do have is sapped very quickly.  (It is much more complicated than that; i’ll save the explanation for another time.)  I’ve begun to learn truly what healthy eating involves (and don’t much like it; i prefer convenience and ease and quick food and the taste of those things).  I have begun to eat as healthy as i can in order to try to improve.  I have learned that truly eating healthy isn’t what most doctors or dietitians would tell you.  It is forgetting all the new “scientific” junk and eating as our grandparents and great-grandparents did.  In fact, healthy eating is “if it wasn’t around 200 years ago, don’t eat it!”  Too much of what people eat these days are pseudo-foods and food-like products/chemicals.  Our bodies don’t know what to do with these things and they do not provide proper nutrition.

This past year i spent a full 10 months being nearly sugar-free and very low in grain as well.

I did not use artificial/chemical sweeteners, but i did use Stevia.  I was told that it would take 10 months to break my severe sugar addiction.  I was told that Stevia would not interfere.

I did not break my sugar addiction.  I still crave sweet things.  I believe i am going to have to give up Stevia and all sweets in order to lose the craving.  It won’t be easy.  I don’t really plan to begin there!  I’ll probably spend January trying to wean off of it.

According to Dr. William Davis of The Wheat Belly book and blog, i should have lost weight.  But i have not.

My body seems to currently have a “set point” of about 170.  (I HAVE dropped that number.  It is the number for this past couple of years, before that my “set point” seemed to be about 180.)  I did the hCG diet a couple of years back and lost about 15 pounds, but it returned quickly.  Last year i was working at being extremely low carb and was starting to lose some when i got off track and my weight returned.  Since Halloween my diet has been poor.  I’ve been eating things i should not – sugar and fast food and even High Fructose Corn Syrup.  I did not weigh myself during these past 8 weeks or so.  I got on the scale this morning and i have not gained any weight, although my abdomen seems fuller/fatter to me.

I have been taking thyroid supplements and i know my pituitary and pineal glands are problematic, also.

Since i’ve been eating poorly i’ve noticed problems i need to record or i will forget.

1.  My eyesight is worse.

2.  My lips have been chapped and won’t heal.

3.  My skin feels itchy and i’ve the beginnings of a rash on my hand and chest.

4.  My head is really itchy and i seem to be developing an allergy to the shampoo i use.

5.  I am constantly hungry and really crave sweets.

6.  I have diabetes insipidus (not mellitus – sugar diabetes; DI is about not conserving    water/getting dehydrated).

7.  With the DI, i’m struggling with incontinence.

8.  I also tend to aspirate food and saliva far too easily.

9.  I’ve been having some arthritis-like stiffening and discomfort in my right hand joints.

10.   My sleep is very poor.

11.  I have almost no energy (tho that seems to be a constant).

My current weight (as of 8 AM 26 December 2013) is 171.5

My intent is to keep my diet to protein and green veggies for 4 to 6 weeks.  This is what was recommended by the chiropractor i work with to remove “small” fungus.  For this time period i am not suppose to have fruit.  However, i will be using butter and coconut oil for fats and i consider both of these important and healthy.  For the first week or two i will still be having some milk, cream, cheese, and stevia, too.  I generally eat a vegetarian diet, however eating mostly only leaves me eggs for protein (as the other sources of protein for vegetarians won’t be possible with this diet).  So i will be adding meat (poultry and on occasion beef) to the mix for a time.  I generally don’t like the taste of meat, and i really don’t like the smell, but i do think this necessary for now.

I plan to move into this slowly.  It isn’t so much a “New Year’s Resolution” as it is the recognition that i cannot eat as i have been doing and it is time to make a change.  We still have some Christmas food here (tangerines and other fruit) that i will allow myself to have until it is gone.  Then i pretty much plan to be “cold turkey” on all sweets from that point.  I may still allow Stevia until mid-January, we will see.

There it is.  That is my plan and the beginning.  When 4 to 6 weeks have passed, we will see if i have dropped any weight before making plans for the next step.  Also having the chiro check and see if the “small fungus” is resolved.  When i do start adding foods back in, it will be elimination-style, adding one food every third day or so and checking my reaction.

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